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Charity Starts At Home.

The West Midlands area of the UK has the largest Pashtun population outside of the Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many of these families arrived in the UK as early as the 1950's having served with the British Military around the world.


As a result of the sacrifices made by the pioneers that arrived in the 1950's, we are fortunate in that we have highly qualified professionals and successful entrepreneurs within the community that will no doubt wish to offer guidance to future generations. A mentoring initiative was therefore suggested to allow for the community to benefit from the lessons learned by their fellow Pashtuns in achieving their aspirations. We can gladly report that the mentor list continues to grow and has benefited many people from both the Pashtun community and the wider non Pashtun community. By way of example we have a variety of engineers, a range of medical professionals, lawyers, teachers, a firefighter and many more. Our mentors are happy to speak to anyone that seeks guidance regardless of their ethnic background.


The community faces immense challenges which to date have been completely ignored. The trust aims to provide a platform for the community to work in concert to alleviate poverty, improve the prospects, improve physical and mental health, tackle extremism in all forms and generally offer hope for a bright future.


In addition to offering assistance to the Pashtun community, the trust aims to tackle homelessness in and around the West Midlands by providing food to the homeless.


The Trust acknowledges the under representation of women in the community and will constitute a womens' wing to help address the challenges faced by female members of the community.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
Mahatma Gandhi


Mountain Peak


Breaking Barriers, Opening Doors, Alleviating Poverty

Youth Mentoring

Volunteers are sought to create a mentoring bank for members of any community to tap into whenever the need arises. Whether you are looking for a mentor or you are an aspiring mentor, get in touch.


Help The Homeless

Due to austerity, increasing numbers of people in and around the West Midlands area find themselves homeless. We partner with a number of organisations to help provide food and clothing where ever it is needed. 

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Political Awareness

Irrespective of political affiliation, the Trust will improve awareness of political rights and create a lobby group, the aim of which will be to apply pressure in concert to raise the concerns that Pashtuns have identified as crucial for education, progress and hope. 

Clothes Donation

Local Community Projects

We  work alongside other groups to help improve the environment by encouraging children to take pride in the look of the local area. Group litter picks have been ongoing and we have plans to procure an allotment to encourage organic food gardening  to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the wider community.

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